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CNC Taping Machine for hydro-electric multistage coil, wind power, hydro-electric coil bar

  • ZCN090AST- (2200) 3600
  • Product description:

Brief introduction

This equipment is the Automatic CNC Taping Machine for multipurpose insulation tape bandaging of AC motor stator framework coil, rotor wire rod, etc.

Technical Specifications

1This equipment adopts the CNC taping form of servo motor 4-axis linkage technology, man-machine control adopts industrial computer, 15" color display screen, process image monitoring, synchronizes the taping process; With manual input function of the coil data, the rotational speed, the number of layers, the taping times, can store more than 999 taping programs, and can derive to save through U disk;

2Coil section size: (5~50)×(30~90)mm²; insulation tape width: 20mm, 25mm; tape reel's inner diameter: 25mm, 40mm, outer diameter: 110mm

3CNC electronic constant tension taping head can automatically adjust the taping angle and direction by the micro servo motor, adopt high precision ranging sensor feedback to control the electronic magnetic powder brake to make the taping process always in the state of constant tension, min. coil opening 300mm;

4Wire rod length range: 700~(2200)3600mm. The single-side projection distance between the wire rod's two ends 300mm, adjustable steplessly;

5Coil pitch range: 300~800mm (electromagnetic tension), can separately equipped with mechanical taping head, min. opening 120mm;

6Taping tension (electromagnetic): 0~60N (two-way, two-plate tension can be set respectively), can automatically turn-over for taping;

7Has the mechanical hand air clip to grasp the taped wire rod when taping the coil with long straight part to prevent big shaking;

8Overlapping rate: 0~75% continuously adjustable, precision <0.1mm. Insulation tape's overlapping error <0.5mm per 10 rounds, coil's taping quality improves obviously;

9Taping speed: 0~220rpm;

10Can realize multi-layer taping back and forth, with the detection alarm function for lack of tape and tape broken;

11Can simultaneously satisfy the bandaging of hydro-generator striptype wire rod, wind power strip-type wire rod and ring-type stator coil.

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