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CNC Automatic Coil Forming Machine

  • 4-arm CNC Coil Forming Machine
4-arm CNC Coil Forming Machine

4-arm CNC Coil Forming Machine

  • ZCN091DG-2200
  • Product description: 4-arm Automatic CNC Stator Coil Forming Machine

Equipment performance:

1This machine adopts digital control, carried out by CNC proportional servo hydraulic valve, all parameters can be displayed, modified, stored on the screen, storage can reach more than 500 pieces, all parameters can be called at any time, coil's parameters and automatic detection value display on the screen.

2This equipment can automatically and successively finish the coils' forming process from fusiform to the product coils;

3This equipment's coil opening, angle, nose height, arc, control accurately after forming, no longer need re-shaping mould;

4This equipment's end top arc system adopts multi-board joining type, manually join out different arc to ensure the different specification coil's end forming requirements;

5This equipment's clip can adjust 0~15, the linear edge and end turning angle won't bulge, and the clip lock tightly and won't move in the forming process to ensure no mechanical damage between coils, the coil inter-circle insulation is intact to guarantee the coil's electrical performance reliable;

6This equipment has very easy solution method to the coil's rebound problem. Forming Machine's angle and forming are two independent systems, they adjust and compensate by themselves with non-interference in each other.

Technical specification:

1Fusiform total length range: 580~3200mm. T-type coil's max. width: 120mm;

2Coil linear side: 400~2200mm. Projection length at ends after forming: 75~560mm;

3Max. included angle between two linear sides: 0~75° respectively adjustable for front and rear angles, total angle 0~150°;

4Total width of coil opening (pitch): 100~800mm.can reach 1000mm when max angle);

5Coil section (width*height): 7~30mm*12~70mm, min. 7*12mm, max. 30*70mm, 2 chucks each at front and rear;

6Coil nose pin diameter: φ24, φ39;

7Coil nose part slanting: 0~30°;

8Peaking nose part height: 0~300mm;

9Top arc height: 0~250mm, max. can reach 350mm when big opening;

10Shaping precision: angle <±0.5°. Opening on the Forming Machine <±0.5mm~±1mm;

11Coil forming cycle: in 1~2min;

12Hydraulic pump station's system pressure: 8Mpa, oil tube withstand pressure: >20Mpa;

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