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Semi-automatic Coil Taping Machine

  • Dual FM CNC Mechanical Constant Tension Air Chuck Coil Taping Machine
Dual FM CNC Mechanical Constant Tension Air Chuck Coil Taping Machine

Dual FM CNC Mechanical Constant Tension Air Chuck Coil Taping Machine

  • ZCN033A-1600
  • Product description:

Brief introduction:

This equipment is one set of 2 pieces, one piece for taping the stator coil’s upper layer, the other for taping the lower layer.

Equipment performance:

This equipment is for AC motor stator framework coil shaping, it has characteristics of wide serviceability, reasonable structure, high degree of automation, easy to operate, safe reliable performance and simple

1、 This equipment in the whole taping process keep constant tension 0-6kg. Mechanically adjust the constant tension plate’s force by spring, the insulation OD is not related to the constant tension plate, output the constant tension by mechanical constant tension plate.

2、 This equipment’s two taping plates’ constant tension respectively controlled to realize the insulation mixed taping structure’s requirement. But constant tension plate can only tape few adhesive tape, not for multi adhesive tape.

3、 This equipment’s insulation taping speed continuously adjustable of 0-220r (little adhesive tape less than 180RPM, technic requires single side taping). Can tape back and forth, but with worse quality than single directional taping.

4、 This equipment has a pair of constant tension taping plate, a pair of general adjustable taping plate for convenient exchange.

5、 This equipment can achieve automatic, manual, from left to right unidirectional taping. Multi-adhesive tape can tape back and forth, can't use mechanical constant tension plate, can use general taping plate but the quality is worse than unidirectional taping.

6、 This equipment can tape part of strip-type wire rod.

Technical Specifications:

1) Section: 35×65mm², opening 170-1100mm.

2) Straight line length400-1600mm, adjustable steplessly. Spindle length: 700~2200mm. We adopt single rack driving, and rolling guide to decide the taping trajectory.

3) Coil pitch (opening): Max. 1100mm, Min. 170mm. (Specially min. can be 118mm, mica tape φ70mm, cost should plus)

4) Double taping, taping head, walking box has a frequency conversion motor respectively for 15, 20 and 25mm tape. Taping pitch can be 1/2 overlap, 1/4~2/3 overlap, stepless adjustable. Medium adhesive tape, multi adhesive tape can tape back and forth with poor relative quality, few adhesive tape can tape with only single direction.

5) One pair of general adjustable tension taping disc 1~6KG, a pair of 5mm gasket (for taping 20mm tape). A pair of mechanical constant tension taping disc specially for few adhesive tape. Constant tension range 1~6KG, but constant tension disc can only tape few adhesive tape, not for multi adhesive tape.

6) Taping speed: 60-220rpm, variable frequency for speed adjustment. Motor power: 0.74KW, 6 times faster than manual with high taping quality.

7) Inserting coil angle 24-55°, 6 steps adjustable, end part taping length max. 460mm. 1/10-2/3 overlap available as coil’s condition.

8) Equipped with slowdown device at the bend, reduce the speed when taping the bend in order to improve the taping quality.

9) PLC control, screen display and set operation. Taping Machine operated by button box.

10) Touch screen shows the speed. The speed has 5 phases: 80rpm (few adhesive tape), 110rpm (few adhesive tape), 140rpm (few adhesive tape), 180rpm (medium adhesive tape), 220rpm (multi adhesive tape). Taping pitch can set fine tune random. The above speed can also set separately.

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